Smokey Quartz Tumblestone - Grounding, Connection, Abundance, Neutralizes Negative Vibrations

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Smokey Quartz Healing Properties:

This is an excellent stone for spiritual workers as it offers powerful psychic protection; it will protect against negative energies and transmute them by bringing them back down to the earth.

Smokey Quartz is also a powerful cleanser and detoxifier, you may place pieces of this stone in areas with electronics such as the entertainment room or workspace, giving it the important job of absorbing and transmuting electromagnetic radiation. Due to it's ability to amplify healing and soothe emotional and physical, it is said to be helpful for those undergoing raditation treatment.

Chakra's: Root (1st) Solar Plexus (2nd) Crown (7th)

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Capricorn

Element: Earth, Air

We have 2 sizes available; please choose at checkout which size you would like they are as follows: 20-30mm and 30-40mm