Shungite Tumblestone - Truth, Harmony, Purification, Powerful Healing and Protection

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Shungite Healing Properties:

This stone benefits all chakra's and assists in purifying the entire body. Shungite is the perfect stone if you wish to explore your spiritual path in greater depth and provides psychic protection. Shungite is renowned for it's healing qualities and there have been numerous studies documentating it's positive effects. The metaphysical properties of Shungite mean that this stone can be used as an elixir in drinking water to refresh and purify, just like the natural springs of Karelia, Russia.

Chakra's: All

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer

Element: Earth, Fire, Air

We have 2 sizes available, please choose at checkout which size you would like they are as follows: 20-30mm and 30-40mm