Bergamot Essential Oil

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Bergamot Oil Benefits

There are a number of surprising health benefits from using Bergamot Essential Oil as a natural remedy. Bergamot oil is antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. It’s uplifting, improves your digestion and keeps your system working properly.

Bergamot is particularly good for relieving stress and anxiety, both due to its aroma and the qualities that the oil has. It can be used in massages and rubbed into the temples to relieve headaches; some people put a few drops in their tea to enjoy the relaxing effects. Bergamot is also good for lowering depression and bringing an uplifting aura to the air, which is why it is so popular in diffusers.

Bergamot can be used as an air freshener or an aromatherapy tool, but it is also commonly used in the body or on the skin, some people also mix a few drops of this oil in their skincare and shower products. If you have rough or irritated skin, bergamot essential oil can help to clear up the inflammation. It can settle the stomach if added to tea or meals and can help release tension when used as a massage oil.

Essentials oils can also be used in oil burners and diffusers to create a fresh fragrant atmosphere in the home.

Some of the most common benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil include:

  • Releases emotional pain
  • Works as a powerful antidepressant
  • Relieves joint and muscle pain
  • Aids digestive system
  • Soothes skin irritations
  • Works as a sedative
  • Cleanses oily skin
  • Kills germs and bacteria
  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces coughs

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