Apache Tear Tumblestone - Heals Grief, Gives Protection and Grounding, Emotional Healing

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Apache Tear Healing Properties:

Heals grief and gives protection and grounding. It is best known for it's ability to cope with and overcome depression with it's soft and gentle vibration. Apache Tear also detoxifies the body, boosts the immune system and calms muscle spasms.

Apache Tear also aids self-acceptance, spiritual awareness and hope and is particularly good for the physcial bodies as it stimulates growth and improves the general condition of hair and nails.

Chakra's: Root (1st) Sacral (2nd) Heart (4th)

Zodiac Signs: Aries, Scorpio

Element: Earth, Fire

We have 2 sizes available; please choose at checkout which size you would like they are as follows: 30-40mm and 40-50mm.