Agate Slices

These quality Agate slices are direct from Brazil, they are a colourful group and are a powerful healing stone that can help tone and strengthen the link between mind and body. It is a grounding stone but can also build up energy. Agate can impart a sense of strength and courage and enhance the ability to discern the truth and accept circumstances. It balances and stabilises the body and can enhance oneself, they are ideal for all types of healing modalities and meditation.

Judy Hall gives us some insight into the Agate - "A grounding stone with a powerful multilevel cleansing effect, bringing about emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. Agate stabilizes energy and harmonizes yin and yang. It can bring hidden information to light. Soothing and calming, this stone works slowly but with great strength. Agate facilitates acceptance of your self and speaking your truth. Overcoming bitterness of the heart, it heals inner anger, fostering courage to start again. Encouraging assimilation of life experiences, Agate facilitates stable spiritual growth." Of course, depending on colour and type of Agate, additional properties will apply.

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