Rainbow Aura Quartz – Connect with your Soul

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Rainbow Aura Quartz – Connect with your Soul

If you want to balance your chakras and stimulate Kundalini energy, Rainbow Aura Quartz is a perfect crystal for you. This crystal is great recharger and grounder and can help you restore peace and harmony. Known as a spiritual awakener, and is a great help in understanding and accepting our past life experiences. Since its ability to give you clearance, this crystal is also known as intuitive and memory booster.


Rainbow Quartz is a great insight tool and can help you connect with your soul on a much bigger level than just physical. It is known as a “stone portal” since its ability to astral project his owner in other dimensions, and to strengthen and balance his energy field. Therefore, it is often used in meditation, because of its efficacy in quieting the mind, and his energy can help you in the process of healing grief, karmic blockages, and toxic relations. Connecting with it on a daily level helps you feel joy and lust for life.

The energy of Rainbow Aura Quartz can help you learn:

  • Hope
  • Positivity
  • Grief
  • Clearance
  • Acceptance
  • How to be calm and find inner peace

If you are experiencing trouble with your creativity, or feel that your energy has some kind of blockage, wear this gemstone like a piece of jewellery or carry it in your pocket. The energy of this crystal will give you strength, focus, and motivation, and it can help you balance stressful situations at work, faculty or home.

Perfect crystal for you, if you are experiencing trouble with:

  • Hormones
  • Throat
  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Stress

Cleanse it once a week or after use with water, and recharge it in the direct Sunlight once in 15 days.

Use in Meditation: Rainbow Quartz corresponds with the Third Eye Chakra. When you place it on your Third Eye, just imagine an indigo blue energy ball right in front of it, and spin it clockwise. Concentrate on that indigo blue energy and imagine it getting bigger and bigger and focus your breathing in that area. After you feel that your mind and body are in balance, and you are calm, repeat this: “I allow my intuition to guide me on this path I choose to take in this life. I accept all of my past life emotions and experiences, and I allow them to get back to me once again, in order to make me understand the path to my purpose better. I kindly ask Angels, Spirit Guides, Helpers and Guardians to help me have clearance in my life, and I accept any kind of help I can get from them. I open myself to new possibilities, experiences, and emotions, and I fully accept them. I will do my best to listen to my intuition, and I will be more focused on balancing the three big parts of me – my body, my mind, and my spirit. I will accept and listen to every advice you send me, and I am open to receive every message from my Soul.”


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