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Calcite – Powerful energy amplifier

Calcite is the active crystal which has the ability to increase the work and progress of its owner. Spiritual rock and a connection with our Higher Self, helps us get in touch with our true nature and discover all the hidden parts within us. If you are a Gemini and having trouble with a nervous mind, lack of intellectual stimulants, migraines, balancing your rational thoughts with your emotions – well, this is the perfect gemstone for you!

This gemstone is a powerful energy amplifier and has the ability to instantly calms the nervous mind. A great and powerful accessory as well, since its ability to transform all the negative energy from the surrounding. The Calcite crystal and its absorption powers have turned it into a powerful sponge that soaks up toxic emotions and negativity.

It is also great for the students or educators, since its ability to give you clarity and help you be focused and concentrated while learning. Calcite releases emotional stress from our body and gives us peace, calmness, clarity and emotional balance. Using it in meditation is excellent since it helps the owner to be more focused on himself and to manifest his thoughts and ideas in the present now. This crystal helps in getting self-confidence and in overcoming inner and outer obstacles you are currently stuck with.

Calcite is the perfect crystal for you if you are experiencing trouble with:

• emotional stress
• migraines
• nervous mind and temperance
• skin and intestines troubles
• brittle bones and skeletal system
• lack of concentration
• laziness
• focus
• balancing ratio and emotions


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